Our fast-paced world is constantly evolving and changing, so education too, must also innovate. We're pioneers of educational innovation and here's why:


we've gone digital.

Students can reach a mentor whenever and wherever they please, at the click of a button or the sending of a text. Register for a class online, attend an event on Facebook or attend a Digital transformation class in coding.

we're specialists.

Every one of our tutors is an Oxbridge alumni and a specialist in their subject. On one of our programs, each student has access to their pick of experts in their required area. Other tutoring agencies offer the bog standard - 11+, 13+, GCSE help...we go beyond that to offer masterclasses and longer-term programs to cater for interests that stretch beyond the school syllabus. 



we're global.

We aim to make our expertise available not only in the UK, where we are based, but globally too. By providing a specialised online mentoring service, we seek to reach as many students as possible, from anywhere around the world. This applies particularly in terms of outreach - u2 has a commitment to enabling access to specialised tuition, no matter what your background. Contact us if you think you might qualify for outreach support.