Extra-curricular Concierge

Exploring opportunities outside the curriculum, whether academic, intellectual or merely for leisure, is fundamental to u2's ethos. Confidence building is one of the most valuable tools u2 can give to a student.

Our understanding of the term 'tuition' encompasses both academic and cultural tuition - u2 mentors can accompany students on visits to museums, lectures in London, Oxford or Cambridge, and book workshops. We have mentors in place to teach language masterclasses in over 8 languages including Arabic and Mandarin, coding geniuses able to guide a student through the digital world, fine artists, drama tutors and sports coaches who have performed at both National and International levels.

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Coding, digital learning...

One of u2's mentors invented an app called Summly, an automatic summarisation algorithm, aged just 17, which was sold to Yahoo for US$30 million, making him one of the youngest self-made millionaires. He studied Computer Science and Philosophy at Oxford and has published three papers in Philosophy thus far. Get an insight into the world of coding and algorithms with one of u2’s Computer Science mentors with similar expertise.


Work Experience

Many schools require students undertake work experience in the Summer of their GCSE year and beyond. We believe that subject-specific work experience is most crucial to a student’s future University application. Our mentors have a range of professional experience - using our contacts, we can arrange research opportunities with leading academics, jobs in theatre, writing, tech…

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Did you know that Oxford University has a proud Olympic heritage stretching right back to the Games of the I Olympiad in 1896?

Oxford alumni athletes have won 160 Olympic medals on behalf of nations across the globe. Some of u2's mentors have incredible sporting pedigrees, many of them Captain's of their Oxbridge University teams or competitors in their sport at both National and International level. Our Sports concierge service can pair a student with a coach in tennis, boxing, swimming, football, ballet, dance...



Of our 400+ Oxbridge mentors, u2 have tutors for European languages including French, Spanish, German, Greek, Italian and Portuguese, as well as fluent speakers in Mandarin, Arabic and Russian.

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u2 have a number of Fine Artists to draw on, who are able to aid students with their projects and curricula - using drawing, paint and collage etc., as well as exploring new styles and forms.



Would you like music lessons with the principal cellist of Oxford University Symphony Orchestra and current Royal Academy of Music scholar? Many of our mentors have reached Grade 8 or diploma level with their musical talents. Whether you'd like practical music lessons or an insight into music theory, analysis, music history, musical thought and scholarship, u2 can arrange sessions at your convenience..

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Acting career ahead?

Did you know that some of the UK's most recognised actors and actresses attended Oxford or Cambridge University? Think Eddie Redmayne, Hugh Grant, Mr Bean, Gandalf...The acting opportunities at both Universities mean u2 have numerous budding actors in their midst and they are available to give students access to acting coaching and confidence building.