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 An Oxford undergraduate celebrates the end of her second-year exams

An Oxford undergraduate celebrates the end of her second-year exams


It all started when...

Two sisters, one a Cambridge and one an Oxford graduate, with years of tutoring experience in over 10 different agencies between them, created u2 with the idea of creating a bespoke, digitised, female-led service, which would provide an opportunity for students to school their intelligence beyond traditional realms of learning. 

u2's system is truly unique - we pair each student with a primary academic mentor from either Oxford or Cambridge. This mentor works with our team to curate a program geared towards their goals. The mentor's role goes further than typical 1-1 tuition - their role is to offer guidance, they may suggest another mentor with a particular expertise in a certain area for additional lessons, they'll provide regular feedback and most crucially, ensure each student reaches their full academic potential.

u2's programs and masterclasses cover all aspects of a student's education, be it our Scholarship program for 11+ and 13+, our Oxbridge mentoring program or digital masterclasses for all ages.

We combine face-to-face and online tuition to allow students to access the highest quality learning experiences, from all over the globe. On a u2 program, each student can access subject advice and expertise from the team of Oxbridge-educated mentors, at the click of a button.

Our mission is to give our students an educational advantage so they can thrive in the fast-moving world we live in today.