11+ Overview

11+ School entry has become increasingly competitive in the last few years. Our mentors are well versed in the minutiae of each school's application process and will curate a program for every student based around their strengths and weaknesses and the exam technique necessary for each individual paper. On one of our 11+ programs, each student has access to a whole team of Oxbridge mentors, in every subject, who can share their expertise to thoroughly prepare them for what doesn't have to be a daunting process. Take the first step by arranging a private consultation and screening with one of our admissions experts.

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preparation program

Following an initial private consultation, each student is paired with a primary academic mentor, who will curate a program geared towards achieving success at 11+ in entry to their chosen schools. Three tiers of program offer increasing levels of support.

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scholarship level

Many of our mentors have experience teaching at Scholarship level and with exceptional academic records themselves, students will be in the best possible hands. The standard of scholarship exams for some top UK schools exceed the level required at GCSE, preparation is key.