Oxbridge Interview Masterclass

Oxbridge Interview Masterclass


Have what it takes to succeed at interview? We'll put it to the test through a series of workshops and mock interviews by a team of Oxbridge alumni.

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Applying to Oxford, each student's ability not only to study, but think and learn, is tested through a challenging process of tests and interviews. Tutors not only look at academic potential, but for self-motivation and enthusiasm for a subject. Each student is required to think independently and engage with ideas beyond the scope of the school syllabus.

'Interviews tell us important things about a candidate which are not only captured by grades or test scores. We can see candidates think, not merely parrot information’. (Medicine tutor, Oxford).

The interviews are often the be-all or end-all of a student's application and u2's Oxbridge Interview_in a day helps prepare students for the process so they don't fall at undoubtedly the hardest hurdle. The day is designed around a subject-specific, interactive interview preparation workshop, a series of mock interviews and feedback sessions. 

We'll help you develop your distinctive voice and expanse of knowledge, which demands a spotlight.