oxbridge mentoring service

u2's mentoring service connects each prospective applicant with a team of Oxbridge graduates, for tutoring and guidance on demand. From efficient online admissions test and interview preparation, to longer tutorial-style tutoring sessions, this exclusive service streamlines each student's education.

u2 also offers meet-ups, which connect applicants through seminar-style classes, enabling discussion of challenging intellectual concepts outside the school curriculum. Headed by a mentor, students are expected to orally communicate, defend, analyse & critique the ideas of others as well as their own in conversations with the tutor and students. RSVP below.

online admissions test prep

We host a number of online information and practice sessions for admissions tests in our online classroom. Have 1-1 tuition with one of our hand-picked mentors, or participate in a class (capacity 5 so register interest ASAP when advertised).

oxbridge application_in a day

We will assign you one of our Oxbridge mentors to fully prepare you for the application process. Brainstorming your personal statement, providing you with suggested research material and mock interview practice,  u2 will ensure you have a strong application.

interview_in a day

u2 offers a one-day interview preparation masterclass in our office at Michelin House, online or in the comfort of your own home. A team of mentors in a given subject will be on hand to give you a 101 of everything it takes to succeed at interview.

preparation for Interview

Applying to Oxford, each student's ability not only to study, but think and learn, is tested through a gruelling process of tests and interviews. Tutors not only look at academic potential, but for self-motivation and enthusiasm for a subject. Each student is required to think independently and engage with ideas beyond the scope of the school syllabus.

'Interviews tell us important things about a candidate which are not only captured by grades or test scores. We can see candidates think, not merely parrot information’. (Medicine tutor, Oxford).

The interviews are often the be-all or end-all of a student's application and u2's mock interview days prepare students for the process so they don't fall at the final hurdle. Our mock interview practice days provide personal statement brainstorming sessions, exclusive subject talks and mock interview practice, helping clients to develop a distinctive voice and expanse of knowledge, which demands a spotlight.